Brewing Tips

Here are some tips to best enjoy and delight your taste buds with our unique and invigorating tea blends.

Brewing Instructions for loose leaf herbal tea (One Hot Cup):

For a single cup of tea - Brew one teaspoon of loose leaf tea blend in 1-2 cup of hot water for 5-10 mins. For a Stronger tea, steep for 10-20 mins. Enjoy Bliss in every sip!

Brewing Instructions for loose leaf herbal tea (Ice Tea Pitcher 20 cups):

Use one pouch (30g) of our loose leaf tea blend and brew in hot water for 5 mins. Pour the steeped tea in a Ice Pitcher, Add ice cubes and sip away the entire day. Perfect for the Hot Summer days to keep you hydrated, while enjoying the health benefits of refreshing and energizing herbs. 


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