Tips to building Strong Immune System Naturally

Tips to building Stronger Immune System Naturally
(Guest Post by Domniki Sakellaris, RHN)

In the midst of all the chaos, here are some simple tools and rituals that can help with giving a boost to your Immune systems -

Mindfulness Rituals
  • Meditation- An excellent way to stop, breathe, be present, connect with our inner selves and with the energy of the universe. A great way to also put ourselves in a positive mindset, reduce feelings of stress, calm our minds by shifting our focus from our thoughts to our breath and body, and release negative feelings, thoughts and emotions.
  • Yoga- Besides its physical benefits through stretching and building strength, it helps us to centre ourselves, be mindful of the present, focus on our breath, and feel the connection we share with others, ourselves and the universe.
  • Simple/Quick Breathing Exercises - There are times when we are feeling anxious and stressed and need a method to slow down and calm down. The 3-4-5 Breathing Method is an easy and quick way to do this. It may not resolve all your anxieties but it should help slow your heart rate and shift your focus by focusing on your breath. Breath in for 3 seconds, hold for 4, and let out for 5. Slowing down our breathe, and becoming aware of it is helpful to relax, slow our heart rate, destress, become present and take our focus away from our thoughts and into our body.

Eat nutrient dense whole-foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, organic produce, beans/legumes, nuts/seeds, fermented foods and sea vegetables.

Hydrate our bodies adequately, (generally half your body weight in litres of water) which can include filtered water, herbal teas (not caffeinated) such as Veda Wellness Organic Teas which are wonderful for balancing and rejuvenating our bodies.

Moving your body, any physical activity that raises your heart rate and gets your blood flowing has been known to increase serotonin levels, mood and feelings of wellbeing, and decrease feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. A combination of aerobic (cardio) and aerobic (weights) exercises is ideal but everyone is different. Find an activity you like and aim for 3-4 days of exercise, allowing your body to rest in between. (If you need help getting started, consult a Health Care Professional, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and/or a Certified Personal Trainer).

• Get adequate sleep consistently (8-10 hours depending on age)
• Sleep by the latest 10pm. The hours of 10pm - 2am are really important for your body to rest and repair.
• Develop a sleep routine which gives signals to your body that you are getting ready for bed, i.e. Brushing teeth, washing up, reading a book, etc.
• Refrain from using screens an hour before bed.

Taking a warm bath can be very relaxing for your body and mind.
• Add 1-2 cups epsom salt which contains magnesium; acts as a muscle relaxant.
• Add a few drops of lavender essential oil with is calming and relaxing.
• Add 1-2 cups baking soda if you are looking for a detox effects.

Journal Writing
Putting thoughts on paper helps us process things better and perhaps workout what we are feeling / thinking. It is an excellent outlet! Gratitude Journal -
“What we focus on grows”. This is a great exercise to do every day, morning or night. It helps to focus on the positive, and be grateful for all that we have. It is a great way to shift our perspective and be mindful of all we have.

Hope you find these tips helpful. We extend our blessings of good health to you and your loved ones in this unprecedented times. 

Link to the full article can be found here for you to share with your family and friends - 

Author Bio - Domniki Sakellaris, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach

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