Tea Benefits

Our Teas are uniquely crafted to create a healing blend that not only tastes amazing but also activates your body’s natural healing process. A Win-Win situation!!


All our Tea blends are inspired by healing traditions of Ayurveda (The ancient wisdom of health and healing) that comes from the East. Herbs and spices are selected and blended to help restore the natural balance in our bodies. These herbs are gentle, yet very effective and have commonly been used for centuries to prevent imbalances and keeping ailments at bay; sometimes you don’t need a pill, a quick dose of natural herbs can do wonders for you.


Our unique blends are a perfect fit for your daily routines –

  1. FOCUS – Focus tea helps elevate your mental capacity to kick-start your morning to-do lists. Key herb used in this unique blend is “Brahmi”, that is a popular adaptogenic herb and well known for improving mental clarity and stamina amongst many other health benefits it provides.
  2. DIGEST – Digest Tea makes a perfect choice of tea after your meals. This soothing blend of herbs and spices works together with your natural digestive process, leaving you feeling light and refreshed after a sizable meal.
  3. RELAX – Relax tea is ideal to wind down after a busy and a hectic day. Key herbs used in this blend are “Ashwagandha” and “Tulsi”, both are popular adaptogens and well known to combat stress and mental fatigue.
  4. GLOW – Glow is a perfect tea for any time of the day! Who doesn’t need a good dose of Turmeric, combined with the deliciousness of Saffron; both well known for their cleansing properties and detoxification of skin.
  5. TURMERIC GOLD - Enjoy the goodness of Turmeric blended perfectly with complementary herbs and spices to give you the benefits as well as a great taste. Turmeric is well known for it's natural healing properties as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  6. TULSI REFRESH - Tulsi is a sacred plant, often used for purity and balance. This beautiful blend also has organic peppermint, combined with additional herbs to provide a refreshing effect any time of the day!